Saturday, 16 June 2012

Downgarding Ubuntu? Read this first!

Once made the fatal mistake and upgraded to Ubuntu 12 from Ubuntu 10.04, I had lots of problems: from wrong mouse right clicks in Chrome to corrupted audio drivers... Oh and I forgot, Eclipse didn't started.
I decided to to install the old and the good Ubuntu 10.04 x64. So I've just erased the Linux partition from within Windows, the Grab wasn't erased since Ubuntu was installed from Wubi and now I'm going to install Ubuntu. Again. It's a free, moreover open OS so there is nothing to complain about.

Wubi.exe isn't working and we are downloading ubuntu 10.04 from a torrent. See

Oh, I found an old Wubi which is working and I stopped the torrent download, letting the old Wubi to download ubuntu 10.10 (and this time it is downloading fast).

Spending an hour on tweaking my new old and unsupported Ubuntu, I succeeded to run it. The only thing I did differently is installing 32 bit Java since I had an awful experience with the 64 bit version.

This Ubuntu is intended for my parents. When installing Ubuntu for someone else, remember to:
  • Download and install any IMs they need.
  • Install any needed languages for the keyboard (Go to System->Preferences->Keyboard->Layouts and Layouts->Options->Keys to change layout to set the shortcut.).
  • Tell them the login password and possibly make login to be completed automatically. (Go to System-> Administration-> Login Screen. From there it's straightforward. Remember not to make the default user as root!)
  • Install Java (Oracle's Java! Not the default open source.) and update Flash (just go to youtube and if the videos won't play, click "install missing plugin").
  • Run initial update.