Wednesday, 7 March 2012


Welcome to the Computer Science blog that will take you all the way towards the degree. I'm a graduating student at the Open University of Israel and I will go through every course in this blog in addition to many other interesting stuff related to Hi Tech and computers. The blog aims to introduce you, the only interested and the very begging students of CS from any university in world to the various contents of the courses through riddles, to wake your curiosity and to bring you some additional material that might interest you as a simple PC or MAC user.

Since the courses at the university are divided into two: math and pure computer science, I will state at titles "Math" or "CS" (i.e Third Math Riddle).

And one more last thing, as I mentioned earlier, the blog targets CS B.A students from all over the world, but since I've studied at the Open University of Israel (OPU), by saying "the university" I will mean the OPU but target any university on the planet.

See also Third Math Riddle - one of my favorites riddles. 

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